Virtual Job Tryout solutions can change the way you make hiring decisions.


This brief video will provide an overview of how SHAKER’s solutions ENGAGE, EDUCATE, and EVALUATE your candidates.

Enterprise Solutions

Are you hiring hundreds or even thousands of applicants into one job or job family?  Then our Enterprise Solutions may be appropriate for your needs. High-volume and high-impact staffing scenarios are most often addressed  with a custom Virtual Job Tryout.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Are you challenged with improving quality of hire and reducing new hire turnover in jobs that have fewer than 150 incumbents? Then our Off-the-Shelf Solutions may be appropriate for your situation.  Small and mid-sized firms can take advantage of years of research and documented impact from previous Virtual Job Tryout implementations.  SHAKER has a range of pre-configured candidate evaluation experiences that deliver exceptional selection science and a distinctive candidate experience. These solutions are ready for rapid deployment.

Answers for the Virtual Job Tryout

Are you looking for answers for  Virtual Job Tryout?  As in many situations in life, there is no one correct answer.  The same is true with how to respond to a Virtual  Job Tryout. This link will provide guidance on how to provide the best answers for the Virtual Job Tryout.

The best way to experience the Virtual Job Tryout is to see one first hand via a demonstration.

  • Call to discuss your talent acquisition objectives and consider if a demonstration is appropriate.  1.888.485.7633
  • Review a list of criteria that often help define your needs and opportunities.