Test Drive Virtual Job Tryout

Is your company brand conscious and looking to attract the best candidates? Virtual Job Tryout is for you.

Virtual Job Tryout is designed to give candidates an online, interactive preview of the job, its performance expectations and the company’s culture. So it is only fitting that we give HR professionals and recruiters like you the chance to “test drive” Virtual Job Tryout and experience for yourselves why it’s the industry-leading custom simulation for pre-employment assessment.

We are absolutely confident that if your organization is looking to increase the predictability of hiring more top performers while delivering a powerful employment brand message, you’re going to love Virtual Job Tryout, the most trusted employment testing solution on the market.

Who Should Test Drive Virtual Job Tryout?

Virtual Job Tryout is best suited for high-volume hiring scenarios with the following characteristics:

  • Large incumbent population – There is a minimum of 100 incumbents in the target position (ideally 250 or more).  Validation analysis requires large populations to reduce chances of unstable results due to small numbers.
  • Large applicant-to-hire ratio – Many candidates are being considered for the same position. The cost of human touch points early in the candidate flow is prohibitive.
  • Multiple evaluators – Many recruiters are sourcing from different segments of the entire candidate pool. Built-in consistency ensures fairness and reduces risk of bias early in the candidate evaluation process.
  • Decision autonomy – Hiring decisions are made by a diverse and dispersed group of individuals with varying recruiting skills and experiences. Validation-based scoring advances candidates with high potential for success to the interview stage, thus increasing the likelihood of hiring the most overall qualified candidates.
  • Job performance is quantified – Metric-rich work environments provide objective data to support utility analysis. The more accurately performance is measured, the more reliable the candidate profile can be in predicting performance-driving behaviors.

Why Does a Test Drive Make Sense?

A first-hand experience is often better than words on a page.  A demo will allow you to see how the Virtual Job Tryout can ENGAGE, EDUCATE, and EVALUATE your candidates. Through a test drive demo you will be able to learn more details about how we:

  1. Predict future performance of candidates better than any other evaluation methodology on the market (view our case studies)
  2. Deliver a first year full return on investment in many cases
  3. Produce performance gains across a wide range of business outcomes such as increased sales, higher levels of productivity, improved delivery of brand promise and higher training success rates
  4. Increase retention rates and reduce cost-per-hire and staffing waste (view our ROI Calculators to see what you have to gain from improving your staffing process)

The best way to experience the Virtual Job Tryout is to see one first hand via a demonstration.

  • Call to discuss your talent acquisition objectives and consider if a demonstration is appropriate.  1.888.485.7633
  • Watch this brief video, then decide what action to take.